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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thoughts on 'Fall'

We are having a Season to Season RR at CQ 4 Newbies. It is time for the 'fall' block. I spent several days beginning the end of September taking pictures of my 'fall' here in North Carolina. Until now (the middle of October) our temperatures were still high 70's to 80's during the day. There have been a lot of late summer and fall flowers. While the pyracantha shown on the left displays orange berries; my 'knockout' roses are still blooming. The ditch banks and fallow fields are ripe with goldenrod and other 'weeds' that add a rich color to the landscape.While the deciduous trees are beginning to turn color the pine trees continue to be a rich green. The dogwood shows it bright red berries. And the hickories are loaded with nuts. My yard becomes a 'hard hat' zone because of the falling nuts. They can damage a vehicle or a bare head!! The crepe myrtles are still blooming and the summer geranium. The perennial sunflowers add a bright yellow while the bronze sedum has just begun to turn color. Here's my fall block my swap partner, Genie, will be working on for me! Thanks Genie!

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Stocking Exchange

This is my submission for the stocking exchange at Lyn's blog Quilting Lion. Here's the specific post. My stocking is 6 1/2 inches wide at the cuff and about 9 1/2 inches long not including the upper heart.

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