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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Keeping Time

My beloved found this thirty hour wall clock at an auction recently. Since he is a beekeeper, what could be more fitting for our home but a clock with a bee skep painted on the glass. Since we have plaster walls I prefer not to try hanging heavy items. First the clock was on a mantle but that was directly over my head at the computer. ( the fireplaces are no longer used). I was initiated into the world of a ticking clock at 5:30am! LOL!! Don't get me wrong, I love the clock. I just needed a little more distance between us!! It now reigns supreme on one of my china cabinets in the hallway. Don't forget to visit Colorado Lady. Suzanne is sharing a vintage book today and is hostess for all our Vintage Thingies.

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Silent but RED

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flower inspiration for Crazy Quilting

Recently when my hubby went by the grocery store he brought me a bouquet of flowers! I used their color palette for inspiration to create a crazy quilt block!

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Kittens, kittens, where's my kittens

Where does the time fly to?? I got these kitties from a neighbor and held a 'name my kitty' on the blog. Here I am months later, finally getting back to the subject. I had several names suggested! They were ALL good names. Thought about going to get more kitties! LOL No, not really! I have eight now!!! That's more than enough for most people. This is Siggie. And this is Stitch. They are sisters but as siblings often are, very different.

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Primitive or Utility Quilt

My dear hubby went to an auction the other week and brought me home a quilt. It is what my Grandma and Mom would can utility. It does have a touch of art to it with the embroidered seams. Perhaps today it would be considered primitive. Upon close inspection I found the "batting" used was another quilt. You can see it peeking through a few places that are worn or frazzled. Each seam of the patchwork is embroidered with what I believe is the herringbone stitch. The quilt is also hand quilted. The quilting from the back view reminds me of Mom and her sisters. They often used plates to mark the circular lines for quilting in this style.Don't forget to click photos for larger viewing. Drop by Coloradolady for more vintage Thursday participants. Suzanne is our gracious host and always has a great party!!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tablecloths, a bedspread, and a quilt

Suzanne over at ColoradoLady hosts Vintage Thingie Thursday. Well it's still ThursdayI have an heirloom, a thrift store find, a yard sale steal, and an auction "no one else wanted it". My co-hosts today are Stitch a 4 month old tabby and Cowboy one of my 5 year old dachshunds. First is the heirloom. I have it. It is crotchet. It is a tablecloth. Probably 75 years old?? And the photo does not do it justice. That's all I know. Wish I had known who to ask before they were all gone!! The yard sale find is graciously shown by Stitch. The lady said it belonged to HER great-grandmother. I paid 5 bucks! It is a tablecloth. I like the edging/border on this one. I was told at the thrift store that this white one was a tablecloth. When I got it home and spread it out (the store was very dirty), I find that it is a bedspread. Why else would one short end not have the fringe that is around the other three? I still like it. Not sure it was the best buy but I can't make it for twenty dollars. Cowboy and my pearls I won over at ReadingRosie's is showing the quilt that my hubby found at the auction. It is stitched over another quilt using woolens from suits and such. The embroidery is a not so great herringbone. Primitive but I love it!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vintage Pearls I Won!

Last month ReadingRosie held a giveaway for her blog anniversary. I won. Since her Oscar was so kind to model for her, I asked my boys to help me! Please click each picture for larger viewing. Hi, my name is Toby. Mom( human) "made" me do this!! I am the "daddy". Tobias Midnight. I was almost 2 when I came here. Ah,Ah,Ah,Ah....................................................... She actually LET me lie on this dress. She's lost it this time!! I'm Lil' Red. This is my good side! Hi! Remember THIS is my good side. Don't forget! Such a great camerawoman! She named me Cindafella. I prefer 'Fella. What's this? Boy that light is bright! I'm Cowboy. Where's my hat?? That light is bright. I 'm NOT going to tell you again!

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