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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Picking Up A Dropped Ball or The Winners Are...

This is Trav'ler . He is half dachshund and half something else. He 'picked' the winners in my halloween applique giveaway posted here. I severely dropped the ball, lost my wits, left town or something. I apologize to my commentators and followers. Oh, yes, the winners are PomieMommie and Sewing grannies place. I have your addresses and will get the goods in the mail tomorrow. I'm adding a few surprises to make up for my misstep . The recipients of the horse appliques offered here are Karen and Hope. I'll need a mailing address for you both. You will also receive some lace and thread. Lesley please contact me. Just click on the profile link, it has my email. Hope, Ann, Eileene, Donna, Beckie, DeniseMarie and Karen are to receive lace and thread. I have some addresses and will contact those I need. If I have neglected anyone please contact me and I'm sure I can find something to make it right.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009


Over at Coloradolady, Suzanne is hosting this week's Vintage Thingies party. Do drop in and visit or put up a post and join us. Thanks Suzanne and all participants. I do enjoy this day! Today I have some aluminum to show you. First it comes in funnels and measuring cups and a juicer. One cup is an advertising item for Swans Down cake flour. Then we have a water pitcher. No marks on this one. Alfalfa was kind enough to steady the pitcher. He says, " Got milk?". Then he shows us the first of two cake carriers. This one is by Mirro, the finest aluminum, made in U.S.A. 2002 M He is pointing out one of the four latches that secure the top to the base. Click on photos for better viewing. The latches are operating by a ratchet type thingie on the bottom of the base. Murphy said 'big brother' had enough of the limelight and he could do this job in his sleep. This is a Regal , Regal Ware Inc., quality aluminum, Kewaskum, Wis. U.S.A. This carrier has two latches that perform on the swivel method. Thanks for dropping by. I'll be visiting a little later.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Linen and the party never ends.

I'm joining Sue and others with a display of Red. It is Rednesday after all! Sue has the list of party people at It's a Very Cherry World. Please stop by and visit! I do not know if the horse feed panel is a reproduction or vintage. The strawberry tablecloth is a rectangle and brought home by my hubby. He spoils me so! Thanks for the graphics! Get yours here. Never see too many roosters. Here's one or two more stragglers for the party. Remember? Bella Vista. Thanks Barb! Someone (?) posted the pattern for these. I only have the four squares. The embroiderer did not leave much space between each bird. I hope to add some fabric on the sides and make pillows or a wallhanging. Happy Rednesday!

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