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Monday, April 18, 2011

Flying bugs and birds--A stash swap at CQI- PART II

These are photos of the baggies of stash I sent for the flying bugs and birds swap hosted by DebbieS for CQI. I enjoyed the swap immensely.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Flying bugs and birds--A stash swap at CQI

Over at Crazy Quilting International (CQI) I participated in a swap. You were to gather fabric, threads and a specific number of other items centered around the theme of 'flying bugs and birds'. These photos are the baggies I received. Thanks to Debbie for hosting these swaps and to Debbie, Joyce, Darlene and Kerry for these wonderful stash enhancements!!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Neither Brilliant Nor Beautiful But a Real Gem: Memory Quilt

Neither Brilliant Nor Beautiful But a Real Gem: Memory Quilt

Sunday, April 10, 2011

In Honor of Our Pets

The first three blocks are the ones I created and sent to be exchanged for another block. I used trims, surface embroidery, applique, buttons and ink stamped motifs to embellish the pieced fabrics. I have some Christmas fabric with 12 days of Christmas depicted with felines. It still has a Christmasy feel I could not seem to tone down. The batik in the lower left corner was a bad choice in that I couldn't seem to tie it into the block. Angel kitties represent all those beloved pets who have crossed the bridge before us. I found this one impossible to embroider on. Why I don't know. Instead I used ribbons ,trims and buttons. These blocks were created by Lori . These are the blocks I received in the Cat and Dog block swap on CQ for Newbies. Crazy quilting is a free form of expression using a pieced foundation. Then buttons, embroidery of all descriptions and trims is used to embellish the block. This block I received from Chris. I think I have the great beginnings of a small quilt. I plan to piece an additional three blocks in coordinating colors and theme.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Another CQ block in yellow--Summer

I won some great yellow goodies on SimplyCQ . See this post here.The first block I made was inspired by my blooming forsythia and spring. This block is for Summer. The chair, flipflops and umbrella are machine stitched. I would like to add a table at the umbrella. A sandcastle by the flipflops. Maybe a large sun hat by the chair. Please add some summer suggestions.

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MORE Rugs for Mugs and a MUG too!

I am in a Mug Rug Swap on the Mentors group associated with Stitchmap. MicheleP sent me this one from Texas. Just lovely and vibrant! Shari from Colorado sent this one. A matching mug and some great tea selections. I still need to mail one Rug and am expecting one from Australia! I love swaps!

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