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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dayton Ohio Flea Market

Please join Suzanne at Coloradolady for Vintage Thingy Thursday. Thanks for hosting Suzanne! When DH and I were planning vacation in MI, he began looking for a local hamfest (amateur radio) to attend. Not finding anything listed for the state he extended his search to surrounding area. Behold Dayton, reported to be THE hamfest of all. There was over 500 exhibitors inside the arena and at least half that number outside. This is where I found two Mother Goose books. This one has a copyright page and is still somewhat bound. It contains full page illustrations. The cover on the second volume is exquisite. Pages are loose in this one and there is no copyright. I've seen this one on a blog but cannot recall where. There are more pages devoted to poetry in this version but still many full page illustrations.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mermaid adventure continues

I have begun to build on the landscape around my 'Mermaid'. I think this part of the scenery is complete enough to begin embellishment. At this point I do not know what I will do with the sky. Original idea can be seen here. I added some color to the rocks with the zig memory pens. Also used Wilton's concentrated gel for cake icing! Will photograph these so you will know what I'm talking about. As I see it the next step is to begin gathering threads ,yarns and ribbon.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer-Season to Season block Revisited

Early this year CQ4Newbies group began a series of blocks called Season to Season. Marianne of NJ worked on my Summer block. I felt that I gave her a hard task because I tried to use some of my button collection to build a tree. She contributed some leaf beads. Here's photos of the block. I love the ribbon seagulls. I've seen some great trees that others have done and decided the buttons had to go. Kathy has a great tutorial here. Ann created a neat tree shown here. I still want to try Ann's but this time I decided to attempt one like Kathy's. I need to move the sun and finish the couching but this is a beginning. I think I will be adding to the block size. Maybe a border of 3 inches or so. The block is only 8 inches square. I am trying to depict a live oak tree. There was a large one in Grandma's yard during my childhood.

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On the Farm, washed up on the beach

DH took pictures of the leghorn (chicken) with her one chick on the bamboo roost. Aren't they cute?? Inside where it was cooler I was playing with ideas and fabric. You know I can't go to the dumpster without bringing some thing home? Yep! I have 'dumpster dived'. The county turned the garbage collection over to a company with fenced in areas and maned facilities. But they have a building where you can hang clothing. I am getting long winded!!! I brought home a shirt thinking it would make a great purse. 100% polyester and 'snake' skin design. Then I 'found' the "girl on the beach" shirt in my stash of recyclables. I haven't had too many people interested. Here's one of my ideas. I colored the fabric with pigment ink pens by ZIG memory system. Not sure where I go from here. Any suggestions welcome. I've got coral ,seaweed and shells in mind but not sure where that will go. :)

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Once upon a Shirt

At a yard sale or thrift store I picked up a man's shirt: 100% rayon and beachy type. Or it should be a girl ON the beach. I neglected to get a photo before the scissors came out! Yep, I cut this baby up and want to share with you. Crazy quilting, mixed media or other. You tell me what these could become and I'll give you one( or more). I have 12 complete girls and 8 partials ( legs or heads??) There's only one of this last pose, so the first comment gets it if that's the one you want! The blue is not quite this pretty. It's more dusty.

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Winners of the Yarn Giveaway

My assistant, Trav'ler! I scatter large folded paper strips on the floor and he chooses. I can't get photos because either he's trying to eat the paper or he's so quick with his choice I don't have time. It's not science or math just paper with a little doggy slopper!! The winners are listed in order. I'll be contacting the winners for their addresses and choice of colors.

Clamped in a buffet drawer!

Twisted yarn or rope. You need three or more strands of yarn. Three yards is about all I can handle. If you have help you can do a longer piece. Whatever length you begin with divide in half for the finished rope. I began this with 5 strands of yarn but only 3 different yarns. I am using two strands of two different thin yarns and one boa yarn. You tie a knot in the end and clamp it to a table or place it in a drawer. Choose one that has a tight fit. You must have enough room to stand the length of your strands. On the other end tie yarn to a pencil or wooden spoon. Twist the yarn in one direction. The more you twist the better the end result. Maintain a firm grip on the ends of yarn. When you have twisted enough, remove the pencil while still holding. With your other hand grasp the middle of the yarns and fold the length toward your end clamped in the drawer (or however tethered). Match the two ends. It can be tricky getting the two ends together. You need to maintain the tension and not let the twisting begin to curl or untwist until the next step. Hold the center and release the opposite ends. The yarns should twist themselves together creating one length of rope.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lace and bangles-- yard sale find!!

I wanted to share my finds from the yard sale this morning. A blouse with a bit of lace. Lace is 5 inches wide and there's almost a yard and half of it! Then the necklace of bangles. I plan to use them on my thread rollup I'm creating at Stitchmap. Will post photo of finish later!

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