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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

UTS continues

So I added rocks, beads and shells... ...some ribbon sea weed and needle woven fronds ...and beads and twisted gimp in pink and feather and fern stitches over some bias binding.

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It went Under the Sea

my Half and Half round robin block that is! The guidelines required that we stitch a block in two colors. This is the naked (unembellished) block I sent out. It measures 10 1/2 inches within the stitching area.I really appreciate Amber, Lynn and Jenni stitching on my block. This is the block I received home. The ladies did some great stitching but I wanted to add some more to my ocean floor scene. I let the block sit for a while before I began. I'll do a second post. Blogger is having fun with me today!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thanks for posting a Tutorial

The instructions for business card holders was shared on Stitchmap (see side button). A fellow member found them here at The Crafty Cupboard. Thanks Melanie! The internet has opened the world of crazy quilting to me and I love it!! I have found so many sharing sites. I have visited Kathy here many times. On the CQ4Newies group we are doing an Underwater or Under the Sea (UTS) Round Robin. I remembered Kathy posting about UTS. Her post taught me the needle weaving leaves or fronds in pea green. Thanks Kathy! The cup cake pincushion was another Stitchmap project. I really layered on the icing! The tutorial was posted on Buzzing and Bumbling. Linda shares several other good tutorials. Thanks Linda! These small pincushions were talked about on CQI but I don't remember any particular website. I think there's a flickr site for these. They are made from soft drink 2 liter caps and the cap from a spray starch. Almost like potato chips... you can't make just one!! I have swapped several mug rugs and have enjoyed making them. There are several sites that offer instructions.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fabulous First Timers Round Robin

This is Pam's block. I was the third person to work on this. My work is in silk ribbon on the right side. Purple, beige and turquoise flowers and at the bottom a group of cattails. This block belongs to Linda. I am the second person to work on her block. I did the long trail of silk ribbon, beads and stitches again on the right side. The white patch at the top holds a spider web but I did it in DMC effervescence and it doesn't show up well. I'd love to rearrange and add to the button trail! This is Katy's block. I had to restrain my stitching. I tend to like bigger and more. I found some great embroidery motifs on flickr and used them. There's the purple butterfly and the blue fan in the lower left. The smaller butterfly Linda tatted. The dark brown patch included a diamond emblem in it's design so I created a birdhouse out of it and added a branch. I don't know where I got the blue heart. I added beads to it. The yellow-orange half fan, the yellow roses and the orange medallion I bought from Nicki Lee. This is Judy's block. I added the purple irises in silk ribbon on the lower left and a button trail to the right of that. I added six dragonfly charms, a butterfly bead and a bee charm to the rest of the stitching. This is the gorgeous block I sent out bare and received back with loads of stitching. The girls really out did themselves! I love it!

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