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Thursday, March 31, 2011

What will you wear this SPRING?

I am joining Suzanne at Coloradolady on Vintage Thingy Thursday. I was thinking last night about what I could post! The snack set and horse figurines will have to wait until another time. My lighting was bad and the dust is gathering faster than I can remove it! Oh, dear! I am organizing my sewing room once again and came across some of my vintage patterns. The bells rang, the whistles went off and I'm sure somewhere eagles are soaring! LOL With these 2 patterns Simplicity is offering some great skirts for the beach, hiking or a day at the local thrift store shopping for vintage items. The beach pattern originally cost 15 cents, while skirts are 35 cents. Patt-O-Rama patterns give you easy to follow instructions. I have a halter top, a split skirt or a sundress and jacket for the Saturday dance. I don't know who produced these patterns but they were mail ordered. Butterick and Simplicity offer you more skirt choices . After a long spring or summer day in the sunshine we must have some comfy pajamas. Simplicity offers "Truly Teen Style" for 25 cents or a cosy version at 15. I found no dates on any of the patterns. I'm guessing 1940's to early 1950's.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's YOUR Mug sittin' ON!

I joined a swap on Stitchmap (see sidebar button) to make 3 mug rugs and send them to different ladies. Three ladies are sending me 'little' rugs too. Then another friend (thanks Moon!) told me about Erin's spree of Mug Madness ( sidebar) or check out this link. Lots of good information and FUN! Here's the 2 Mug rugs I have created so far. They get addictive ! UPDATE! Here's one I received in the mail this week. Michele from down Texas way is one of my swap partners. MARCH 26, 2011 MORE RUGS POSTED..... It's not that I'm finishing these Mug Rugs but just now getting photos!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yellow fabrics won!

Who doesn't love giveaways? I enter them haphazardly and occasionally I win! Yea! I put my name in the hat over at Simply CQ and I won.I have scattered my winnings but you can see another photo here. Here's what I've created so far by adding a bit of blue. Thank you Deb and the other great gals at SCQ. Here's a couple of photos of my yellow bells. They are planted with a spirea and a flowering quince.

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